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Project Model

Our Ideal Partner

On an ongoing basis, Vision7 investigates and evaluates project ideas for potential new products and partnering opportunities. Many factors go into the evaluation of whether an idea should be pursued or not. The following list covers the major considerations Vision7 takes in evaluation a project.

Ideal Market

  • Decent, but not huge market
  • Market not dominated by one or two capable player
  • There is a clear need for the product or service
  • The projected numbers for sales can justify the business
  • A business plan has been started 

Ideal Technology

  • The desired platform and technologies are ones we have experience in
  • Primarily Microsoft technologies (e.g. Windows, CE, etc.)
  • Components and tools created as part of the project can be useful for other projects or industries, whole or in part.
  • The developed technology is a key part of the product or is the product

Ideal Vision7 Partner

  • Startup business, < 1 year old
  • Small business, < 10 people
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Highly knowledgeable and connected in given industry
  • Partners have balanced skill sets. E.G. One is technical, one is sales
  • Partners have good technical background, but are primarily business oriented
  • Business funded by angel investors or partners (not V.C. )
  • Business has $1M in funding or more
  • Business is located in a major city (>250k) and both partners live in that city
  • This business is not the first that the partners have been in
  • Partners are somewhat established - office space, e-mail, web site, travel, etc.
  • Partners are very active web browsers, e-mail users, stock market investors, industry and business magazine readers
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