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What is Venture Technology?

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Vision7 Software is a Venture Technology Partner.

A Venture Technology (VT) company invests technology in the same way a Venture Capital company invests money. Unlike most software-for-hire or consulting firms, Vision7 uses a business model that aligns its interests with its client’s interests - namely increased revenues and profits. What Vision7 brings to the partnership is knowledge and experience in building advanced software applications for companies in fast-growing markets.

Building complex software is a difficult and time-consuming process. We have found that a product built in the Venture Technology model has a greater chance for long-term success. The partnership is planned and the relationship is cultivated. Extra time is spent on both sides to validate their commitment. Even after the initial release of the product, both sides are eager to make the product a success.

How are these Venture Technology projects setup? The underpinnings of a VT deal are relatively simple. They start with a severely discounted initial product development. The size of the initial discount and expected future development are estimated and compared to the proposed revenue model. Vision7 accepts equity (company stock) and/or a royalty on sales that is a fair representation of the future value of the discounted development. For a detailed Venture Technology example click here.

The Venture Technology model fits some companies better than others. We have found our most successful partners are motivated entrepreneurs building a new or small business. What do we look for in a potential partner? Take a look at our ideal partner profile to find out what we think it takes.

Want to find out more? We are very interested in talking to you. To contact us immediately, use the Become a Partner signup form.

Learn more about our current Venture Technology Partners and Products.

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