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As part of Vision7's goal to give you the best web service possible, we offer several different Marketing Packages that will help you with your SEO needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means building a website that is search engine friendly. This will enable search engines to find your website when potential visitors search for sites using your keywords.

Having your website optimized can help boost your rankings on popular search engines which can bring potential visitors to your site.

Basic Package: $250

This package includes the basic set up to help optimize your website for the web.

  • We will help you find 10 keywords that could help boost your web rankings. Once the keywords are decided we can show how to use these keywords within your website.
  • We will add the appropriate Titles and descriptions to each of your pages in your website. In doing this, search engines will be able to determine exactly what each page is about, letting potential visitors know more about you.
  • We will also add a robot.txt file to your website. This has become an industry standard that informs search engines exactly what you want them to search and which files you do not want them to search. This will help keep your website search friendly while helping to keeping your important files secure.
  • We will add a site map to your website to help the search engine navigate through your website. Doing this helps the search engine to know exactly how many pages you have on your website and which pages to search.
  • We will also properly submit each page of your website to each of the 3 main Search Engines, Google, MSN and Yahoo.
  • We will also get you set up with Google Analytics. Google Analytics will give you insights to your website's traffic. With the information you gain from Google Analytics you will be able to see where your visitors are coming from and how they interact with your site. Knowing this information can help you customize your content to your visitors' needs.
  • Finally we will send you monthly reports on your website's search stats. These reports will help you will see which search engines are searching your site, how many visitors you get each month and other information that will help you boost your search engine results.

Intermediate Package: $500

($50 a month after the initial 6 months)

This package includes not only the basic set up of your website, but we will monitor your website for up to 6 months making the changes needed to help boost your search engine results.

  • Includes the Basic Package
  • We will monitor and adjust any of the keywords, content, titles and descriptions to help boost your website's search results.
  • We will run page critic reports to find any technical issues and search engine issues that need to be resolved.
  • We will run a crawl analysis to help find any issues with how the search engine moves through your site. Fixing these issues will help the search engine move more efficiently through your site.

Advanced Package: $500 + Hourly rate

This package includes not only the Intermediate Package, but we will search for ad words that you can purchase to help you market your website on various search engine websites.

E-Commerce SEO Package:

Cost of one of the above packages and our hourly rate

The E-Commerce SEO Package includes not only one of the above packages, but several other options that you can choose from to help market your website and your products.

  • Choose one of the above packages
  • Choose from the options below
    • We will register your products with Google Base so that customers can find your products when searching on Google.
    • We can help set you up on an Amazon Vendor, so you can sell your products on
    • We can help set you up with an eBay store, so you can sell your products on
    • We can help you set up your products through a product rating service like BizRate, so consumers can compare and rate your products.

If you would like to order one of our SEO Packages or would like more information, please Contact Us Today!

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