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Network Support

Vision7 offers network support service contracts as a fixed recurring monthly service. If you are unsure of your need, Vision7 can also perform network support on an hourly as-needed basis, or a combination of the two.

Server Maintenance

For sites with co-location or independent servers, Vision7 offers a server maintenance option. The intent of this is to make sure the server or machine that is used in a production environment is stable, and up to date on the latest updates and security patches.

  • Install critical and recommended updates for the Windows Operating System
  • Install updates and patches for the other key components of the system such as Internet Information Server, Internet Explorer, and 3rd party tools as appropriate
  • Manage backup plans, check disk allocation and system performance and utilization
  • Remote control for support

SQL Server Database Maintenance

For sites that have a sizable SQL database, Vision7 provides a DBA function. This is very important to keeping the database managed properly and working as efficiently and quickly as possible. Vision7 Software Network Support

  • Set up and keep current DB maintenance plans
  • Install recommended SQL Server Database service packs
  • Review the size and contents for possible archiving or purging
  • Compress/shrink the database on a recurring schedule
  • Monitor backup processes and resulting backup and transaction log files

Client Maintenance

To keep client machines running reliably and efficiently Vision7 will provide the monthly services to maintain them.

  • Install critical and recommended updates for the Windows Operating System
  • Install and configure company approved software
  • Install and keep current virus protection
  • Implement backup plans
  • Remote control for support


Be alerted when your systems are down before anyone else knows. Below is a sample list of items that Vision7 can provide monitoring on:

  • Services are alive - FTP, HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, COM+, SQL, Backup, UPS, etc.
  • Database (as applicable) - Log size, Database dump size, DBCC events, etc
  • Application - our custom application page to make sure the object model is alive
  • Backup (as applicable) - backup failure, drive needs cleaning, tape needs replacing
  • Power (as applicable) - brownouts, blackouts, self-test failed, battery needs replacing
  • E-mail - SMTP/POP3/IMAP is responding, max server storage, max mailbox size
  • Network appliance - Ping, max bandwidth
  • Internet Links - periodic checks for broken links

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