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Support and Warranty

Vision7 proudly provides warranty and support for the products that we develop. This service is free during the initial period after a development project is complete. This support and warranty can also be as part of an extended support or warranty contract, or paid as an hourly work effort.

In addition to standard support, Vision7 provides support services for a variety of areas such as monitoring, software upgrades and database maintenance. Our web support services include content updates, search engine submissions and site statistics.


Typically, Vision7 warrants the software we produce against Functional Defects for a period of 90 days, commencing upon final delivery of the product. The warranty period is the period of time that Vision7 will warrant the software against Bugs and Functional Defects. A bug is a small discrepancy or inconsistency in the way the software works or looks that does not affect the functionality or cause the software to stop working. A functional defect occurs when the software fails to operate (function) as defined in the Functional Specification or proposal.

Extended Warranty

An extended warranty is an optional feature that can be purchased after the official warranty period has expired. The extended warranty covers bugs and functional defects the same as the warranty.

Standard Support

Support is a designated level of service to be provided for a wide range of problems encountered with the application. This includes bugs or functional defects, and may also be user errors, hardware problems or a host of other types of problems. Vision7 provides a third tier of support that is designed to handle the more serious or difficult problems while leaving the common problems to the first and second tier support. The level of support often includes response time parameters as well as guidelines for the volume of calls.

Vision7 has a variety of additional support features and options. Contact us to find out more.

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