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Custom Development

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Vision7 Software has vast experience in building information technology solutions in targeted markets. Rather than simply performing work-for-hire, Vision7 offers a commitment to the long-term success of its clients through a Venture Technology Partner relationship. See more about our specialties below.

Client Server

Vision7 specializes in producing commercial grade, large-scale software products. We use a tried and true development process that focuses on producing a quality product in the least amount of time and expense. For a complete discussion of the development processes that we embrace, go to the software development life cycle section. Client server projects are more complex and typically involve a formal development process, while smaller projects and web site use only the portions of the process that make sense.

Database Development

Vision7 Software has extensive experience with SQL Server development beginning with version 6.5 in the mid nineties through SQL 2008 today. We have created countless applications over the years from desktop applications to web applications. We specialize in developing scalable solutions that are robust and cost effective. Our designs are done with robust Database-side business logic including User Defined Functions, Stored Procedures, Views, and Referential Integrity. We also do performance optimization, backup and recovery plans, data reporting and analysis using SQL reporting services and integration services. In addition, we use encryption and proven security methods to make sure databases are reliable, secure and perform quickly and efficiently.


Vision7 takes a practical approach to ecommerce solutions. We either use existing commercially viable software to create a store, or integrate directly to our clients accounting system. These solutions are usually very cost effective and produce a high quality, feature rich ecommerce system. We have found the BVCommerce .NET storefront to be particularly effective in producing rich sites that perform reliably and quickly even in high demand applications.

Web Applications

Web applications are web sites that have complex processing requirements, and usually involve storing and retrieving data from a database. These sites can do anything from maintaining and displaying information to users, to complete interfaces to other software applications. We have seen much growth in this area in the last few years and most new applications are being built at least partly as web applications. New tools for developing this type of application, including the Microsoft .NET platform are enabling a much richer interface for a browser-based application.

Wireless and Mobile

The members of Vision7 have built many applications for mobile devices, even before the tools were created to make this a simple task. As wireless technology becomes less expensive and more available to the general population, it makes more and more sense to create a mobile version for every application, or even your website. Modern tools including the Microsoft .NET platform make the cost of doing so lower than ever before.

Real Estate

Vision7 has extensive experience in the real estate market and has built custom solutions for two of the largest real estate companies in the country. Using that experience, Vision7 created a fully hosted product for the real estate market, and has serviced many companies in the industry, many of which still depend on Vision7 for their technology needs.


As a part of our development services, Vision7 does various types of technical consulting. This is usually, but not always, associated with other develop projects we are doing. The consulting can consist of anything from network setup and configuration or server maintenance and support to assistance in the architecture of a new product or even business process consulting as it relates to software integration.

Find out more

Do you want to find out more about one of the projects that Vision7 has developed? Or do you want to know how we can create a custom solution for you? We would be happy to discuss your particular business needs and determine how we can make a difference. Give us a call or fill out the contact form online and we will get back with you.

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