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Hourly Projects

Hourly work is done at the discretion and priority of the client. Under an hourly agreement what Vision7 spends hours on is purely at the discretion of the client. Typically with each request, before we begin any work effort, Vision7 gives an estimate on how long the work will take we agree on a tentative schedule. In most cases this estimate will be accurate, but in some cases the work will be less, and in some it will be more.

The end cost of an hourly project is not known upfront. Work done that way is always done completely on hourly bases (including development and bug fixes) since this work it is not burdened with support and warranty time like a fixed bid project. Fixed bid project are specked out and priced. Then, knowing that when dealing with software development nothing of any substantial size is ever "perfect" the first time through, a percentage of that price is added to the cost of the bid to cover the expected time for management, support, and warranty. Since hourly time doesn't include this, typically development done on hourly bases does not include free support or warranty time.

Why work hourly? Quickness.

Doing work on an hourly basis allows your project to move along quickly. This is especially useful for smaller projects or contracts with many yet to be defined quick tasks. As requests are received, they are reviewed and assigned to a developer, the developer completes the request and only productive time spent is billed. As a result, the turn around time on requests is much faster then other methods. Also, since only the actual time spent on the task is billed, you never pay more then the actual effort needed to perform a task, but some care must be taken to be sure an hourly project stays focused and does not get out of hand.

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