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Agile Projects

Agile work is done in short sprints of effort at the discretion and priority of the client. Typically each sprint is a two week period where a predefined object is completed. At the end of each sprint, anything completed is delivered to the client for review. Usually the first step of an agile project is to setup a general overall plan, and start on core framework as more specific pieces are defined. Then each subsequent sprint builds upon the last adding new features and functionality till the project is complete.

With each sprint, Vision7 gives a base design of the work to be done, an estimate on how long the work will take and we agree on a tentative schedule. The end cost of an agile project is not known upfront. Work done that way is either done entirely on hourly bases or composed of many fixed bid sprints.

Why Work Agile? Flexibility.

Doing work on an agile model allows your project to be flexible. Once an agile project us underway, there is more transparency to the client through many delivery points, and more freedom to stop development or make changes and adjustments to the requirements. Some care must be taken to be sure the project stays focused and does not get out of hand. Typically agile projects cost about the same as waterfall projects but have a shorter development cycles and have better fulfillment of the discovered requirements over time.

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